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For five decades, Carlisle Events has stood as the premier host of the world's finest car shows and automotive events, captivating enthusiasts with an unparalleled showcase of automotive excellence. This milestone not only commemorates a rich history but also anticipates an exciting future of continued passion, innovation, and dedication to the automotive community. Come celebrate 50 years with Carlisle Events this year!

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We’re looking forward to some feedback from you by way of a video submission/testimonial specific to your memories of Carlisle and your event(s) of choice.

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CE YouTube Channel
Dive into Nostalgia on Our YouTube Channel

Immerse yourself in nostalgia and witness the magic of past Carlisle Events shows by tuning in to our YouTube channel for a captivating journey through videos.

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Carlisle Events 2024 Schedule
Uncover the Unique Celebrations Across All Shows

Each show will have a unique ode to the 50th! Explore each of those shows individually.

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1974 Fact Sheet
Step Back in Time

Dive into the past by checking out this 1974 Fact Sheet to explore and uncover the events and happenings that shaped the year Carlisle Events was founded.

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Carlisle Events Merchandise
Get Decked Out with 50th Merch

Our merchandise partner, Green Mountain Monogram, has a wide range of 50th Anniversary merchandise available online and at our shows in the Carlisle Store in Building T!

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Carlisle Events Flickr
Relive Carlisle Events Memories

Explore Carlisle Events' Flickr to revisit and relive cherished memories captured in stunning photographs.

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Carlisle Events Trivia
Challenge Your Carlisle Events Knowledge

Take a stab at Carlisle Events Trivia for a chance to test your expertise & perhaps learn more about our company!

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Carlisle Events Event Guides
Flip Through History

Dive into the archives and explore past event guides to witness the remarkable evolution of the shows throughout the years.

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50 Years of Carlisle Events

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